Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red Chori masala

Every time I saw these small red beans in the Indian store, I was tempted to try them.I looked for some recipes online and I realized that they are called "red chori" in Hindi and are packed with nutrients.This recipe is my variation of couple of other recipes I found online.It is simple to cook and the end result is very delicious.


1 cup red chori (Azuki beans in English) - its variations like black eyed peas - Thatta payir / Karamani can also be used
1 big onion finely chopped
2 eggplant/brinjal cut into big pieces
2 tomatoes chopped or 1 can of diced tomatoes
2 tsp sambhar powder
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
4-5 curry leaves
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
3-4 methi seeds
2tblsp vegetable oil / olive oil
  • Soak 1 cup red chori for 6 hours and pressure cook for 1 whistle.If you have forgotten to soak red chori, no worries, pressure cook it for 3 whistles.
  • Drain out the red chori and save the water.This water can be used as a stock for our curry.
  • Heat oil in  a vessel and add mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add curry leaves, asaefotida and methi seeds.After about 30 sec, add onions and garlic and fry till onions turn translucent.
  • Add egg plant and fry them for couple of min.
  • Add diced tomatoes,salt and sambhar powder. Cook this for about 5 min till tomatoe starts to become a paste.
  • Add red chori  to the mixture above .You can add the stock to the mixture depending on  what  consistency you want the gravy to be.Cook this for about 5 min . Ensure that red chori and egg plant is completely cooked .
Serve this hot with roti or rice.

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